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Weeds vs. Humans: 4 Benefits of a Lawn Care Service

You mow your lawn religiously, water it, and seed dead patches, but you are still left unsatisfied with the look of your lawn. Unwanted growths such as weeds and crabgrass and destructive visitors such as grubs, cutworms, bluegrass billbugs, and chinch bugs can leave your grass looking terrible and unhealthy. You can go to your local hardware and store and get everything you think you need to produce a healthier lawn but with so many products out there and not knowing exactly what you need to treat the specific issue, it would definitely be more beneficial to hire lawn care professionals. Listed below are reasons to hire a company to treat your grass as opposed to tackling the job yourself.

1. You save time

Your time is valuable. You do not want to spend your down-time figuring out what is harming your lawn, determining what products to use and course of action to take, then spending hours treating your lawn with a method you are not even sure will be effective. Hiring a lawn care professional is one telephone call away. They will schedule a time to attend your home, identify the issue, and use the correct method to guarantee your lawn will be healthy and great-looking in no time at all. Initial treatments can be done within a few hours which guarantees that you are not disturbed too greatly.

2. You save money

When you identify there is an issue with your grass, you go to your local store and purchase the items you think will fix the issue. You may even rent an aerator or spreader to ensure the job is done correctly. But after a few weeks when the problem should be going away, it remains. Did you do something wrong? Possibly, and not to mention the items you bought and the tools you rented did not address the issue. As a result, you wasted money when you could have hired a professional lawn care company who could have identified what the issue was for sure and used a treatment that would have fixed your problem.

All you would have had to do was pay the bill they gave you. Most people choose to do the work themselves as opposed to hiring a professional to save money. But the reality is, the cost of products such as fertilizer, soil, and weed killer can add up and there is no guarantee what you are doing will even help. The fees for a professional are reasonable and well worth it as they take care of the whole process from preparation to fertilization.

3. You get expert treatment

Lawn care companies are experienced and have the equipment needed to complete the job correctly. This saves you from running out to buy materials you think you need and renting tools that professionals already have. It is estimated that homeowners over-treat their lawns by up to 50% which in the end can do more harm than good.

Lawn care professionals can attend your home, identify what the issue definitely is and use professionally-graded herbicides and pesticides to treat your lawn. In the event that a treatment is ineffective, a professional company can then test the soil to determine the next course of action to take. Their main goal is to rid your lawn of the issue whether it be weeds or pests and their work is guaranteed.

4. They are safety-minded

A major concern when a homeowner decides to treat their own lawn is using too much fertilizer that then runs off into rivers and streams. Hiring a professional lawn care company will prevent this from happening as they are mindful of environmental concerns. They know how much fertilizer to use to ensure it is absorbed into the soil as it should instead of running off which will be unhelpful for your lawn not to mention potentially harm others who come into contact with it.

Most companies use organic sprays that are less harmful to people and surroundings and you will not have to store chemicals in your residence that could possibly harm a family member or pet. When the job is complete, the company leaves instructions to ensure that no one is harmed while the treatment is in place.


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