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Outlook: Canada’s Progressive Jewish Magazine is an independent, secular Jewish periodical published six times a year in Vancouver, BC. It was founded in 1963 in Toronto as Canadian Jewish Outlook, an English-language supplement to the Yiddish newspaper Vochenblatt.

Outlook has a socialist-humanist perspective, and is devoted to Yiddishkayt, Jewish ethical humanism, and peace and social justice. It features political and cultural commentary on national and international events and trends in North American Jewish life, and takes a strong internationalist position in support of the rights of both Palestinians and Israelis. It publishes Yiddish poetry in the original and in English translation.

Its editor is Carl Rosenberg, and its managing editor is Sylvia Friedman, with four Associate Editors: David Cohen (Hamilton), Mark Golden (Winnipeg), Diana Ralph (Ottawa) and Martha Roth (Vancouver). Canada-wide perspective is provided by editorial and advisory collectives in Ottawa, Toronto, and Winnipeg as well as Vancouver.


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Being a Jewish Dissident is No Longer a Lonely Occupation

Paul Weinberg
1982 was a tumultuous year. My name appeared along with those of 100 or so other Jews, including some doctors, lawyers and artists, in a paid Toronto Star newspaper ad opposing Ariel Sharon’s gambit to militarily eliminate the PLO in Lebanon in an unpro

The Time Elevator

Shelley Werner

Free Trade: Destruction of Canadian Sovereignty

Frances Russell

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UJPO Canada denounces the violence in Gaza

July 26, 2014
The United Jewish People’s Order–Canada unequivocally denounces the Israeli-initiated violence which, with sophisticated rockets claimed to be aimed with precision at terrorists, has killed more than 1,000 and injured about 5,870, mostly innocent Palestinian civilians, including children, while Hamas’s detestable haphazard rockets have killed 42 Israelis [1]. With the cessation of the humanitarian truce today we are back to square one.