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5 Plumbing Issues That Require Professional Help

Plumbing is in every residential and commercial building. Although it is a normal part of our society, it is not without problems. Issues with plumbing features happen all the time. While many minor problems like mild clogs in the drainage pipe can be easily fixed without professional services, there are other issues that do require the expertise of a professional plumber. Some issues can cause more damage and become quite costly later if they are not detected or repaired early. If these issues occur, you should call in a plumber to fix the problem.

1. Severe Plugs or Clogs

Toilets and sinks can get plugged up easy. However, if a plunger cannot eliminate the clog, a plumber should be called. Many products on the market such as drain clearing chemicals can do more harm to the pipes and drainage system while not actually fixing the issue. The harsh fluids are also very harmful to the environment and should be avoided. Plumbers can get to the root of problem and fix the clogged lines properly without causing more damage.

2. Fix Leaks

That irritating drip might not seem like much but it can quickly rack up your water bill if left untreated. Left unattended, small trickles can turn into bigger problems. Professional plumbers know how to look for and find the exact source of a leak. They will then fix the problem properly so it does not return or get worse.

3. Water Tanks

When a water tank breaks down, it can be disastrous. Repairing or replacing a water tank needs to be done by a professional. Having a plumber inspect the tank regularly can alert you to potential problems earlier. If the tank needs to be replaced, an expert can do it safely and properly, avoiding further damage or issues.

4. Septic Repairs

For home owners or businesses who rely on septic tanks for their toilet facilities, they know how smelly and costly it can be to maintain or replace the tank. If there is a problem with the septic system, early detection by a professional can save you a lot in expensive bills and horrific odours.

5. Installing Tubs and Toilets

While there are many do-it-yourself tutorials available to show you how to properly install a tub or toilet, sometimes it is just better to get a pro in to do the job. Issues can occur that you are unware of, especially with the main water lines. And, if not installed properly, can cause a lot of damage later. Calling someone in after you have tried and failed to do the job yourself creates more work and is costlier than having someone come and do the entire job from start to finish.

Interior and exterior water or plumbing facilities is part of our society. But, like anything else, fixtures need to be maintained and replaced. If problems occur, some issues are simple little projects that can easily be repaired by the home owner. However, for bigger jobs, it’s always better to call in the pros. Plumbers can do the job properly so further damage does not occur.


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