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5 Benefits of Stained Glass Doors in Your Home

Whether you are researching a door for your new home or looking to replace the door you have now, stained glass has become very popular over the years. A stained glass door adds character and personality to your home, but will also provide you with a number of other benefits as well. Listed below are some of the advantages of installing a stained glass door to your house.

1. Elegant

There is no denying that stained glass is extremely elegant and beautiful so imagine what adding a stained door will do to your home. The front door of a home is often the first contact point for visitors and as a result a stained glass door will provide an attractive way to greet your visitors and make them feel welcome. Stained glass also provides interesting light patterns as sunlight shines through them, offering a unique degree of beauty and brightness to the interior of your home throughout the day.

2. Adds privacy

Most people think that glass equals see-through and this is not the case with stained glass. A stained glass door would be more private than transparent glass that is common in traditional front doors because the textured glass it is made out of allows natural light in but it is not possible to see through them. A stained glass door can be made from frosted glass that will give you even more privacy from people peering inside. For additional privacy you can also add an elegant curtain or shade to it allowing you to cover the window when you want and uncover it when you want sunlight to shine through.

3. Customize

Another mistake that people make is that stained glass is uniform and inflexible but this is a misconception. Today, stained glass can be customized to your needs. Depending on how much light you want to shine through and how much privacy you want, stained glass doors can be made from frosted or transparent glass. Also depending on how much attention you want your door to attract, you can choose a design ranging from subtle, unassuming colours to a large variety of bright, eye-catching hues. Your design can also be perfectly manufactured to any design that you want to match in your home. The stained glass in a door is often versatile enough that you can make your stained glass deliberately inoperable or manufactured to be opened in a number of different ways.

4. Value

The stained glass in a door can be double-glazed to add energy benefits to your home and this can be manufactured or added to an existing stained glass door in your home. If the stained glass is surrounded by doubled-paned windows this can also allow you to save on energy costs as well because the space between the panes provides additional insulation. It is estimated that adding stained glass to your home can add anywhere from 5 to 15% value which would be beneficial in the event you sell it one day. The uniqueness that stained glass doors add to a home are desired by people in the housing market and installing one would make your house very attractive. They add curb appeal and are the first thing that a buyer will see when they arrive to view the house.

5. Secure

Stained glass can be installed by sandwiching it between a double paned windows and then added to your door. This makes the glass stronger and more resistant to breaking as the result of attempted burglaries and acts of nature. The inability to see through the stained glass in the door will remove the opportunity for people to see into the home and this may play a role in preventing burglaries as well.


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