4 Marketing Benefits of Great Packaging

One of the most overlooked aspects of marketing is packaging. Proper packaging can make or break how your product is perceived. Here are four reasons why packaging is critical to your product’s success.

1. What Factors Go Into Making Quality Packaging?

There are a lot of different factors that go into making and designing quality packaging. The most important factor will obviously be your product and your target audience. These two factors dictate the best way to approach your packaging.

The number one thing people look for in packaging is that it’s easy to open. Nothing is worse than struggling to open something you just paid for. It’s important to make sure your product is properly secured but still easily accessible.

One of the biggest factors that define quality packaging is reusability. When your packaging is reusable and serves a purpose beyond the initial purchase, it increases the value of the product. Look at expensive technology products; they almost all come with a box that people will keep for years to come. When you’re packaging is reusable, people develop a connection with the item and feel more satisfaction from their purchase.

2. Packaging Is More Than The Box Your Product Comes In

When most people think of packaging, they picture the box people need to open to access the product. However, this is only one component of packaging. The way how your product is presented is a part of the packaging process and affects the experience people have with your product.

For example, if you sell cologne, you need to spend time making sure the bottle provides an impressive experience. The spray cap should produce a strong mist, and the cap should never leak. Most cologne bottles also have interesting designs made out of unique materials, which is something else to consider. Paying attention to how your cologne is presented influences how people perceive your product before it’s even in their hands.

Food is another area where product packaging is essential. For example, imagine you’re a snack company, selling snacks for on the go. If the packaging is difficult to open, then the whole idea of snacks on the go is a waste. In this case, your packaging needs to be easy to open, hard to spill and easy to manage with one hand. Paying attention to these small details will make your snacks stand out from the competition.

3. Packaging Influences Your Brand’s Image

Packaging helps your product stand out in a sea of items at the store. Products that make people stop and say “what’s this?” always have superior packaging that encourages people to pay attention. Using quality packaging supplies brings attention and makes people want to learn more.

Your brand’s identity determines what customers expect from your product. Customers expect your packaging to match your company’s reputation. The design and functionality of your packaging determine the first experience people will have with your product. If you’re selling luxury items, then your packaging needs to offer a luxurious experience.

4. Packaging Influences People On A Subconscious Level

A 2013 study from the Psychology & Marketing journal had some interesting findings on packaging. The study looked at how people responded to different types of packaging by monitoring their brains via functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

When the people in the study were shown attractive packaging, their brains lit up with intense activity. The brain activity was most noticeable in the area of the brain responsible for impulsivity.

The study also found that unattractive packages increased brain activity in the area of the brain associated with negative emotions. As you can see, it’s well worth it to put some effort in designing your packaging. By taking control of your packing, you can dictate the subconscious reactions people will have to your product.


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