5 Essential Pieces of Underground Mining Equipment

The life of a miner is almost something otherworldly. The hard workers spend their days toiling away underground, in places that few people will ever visit. Seeing things many will never experience. Of course, behind many a great worker resides a powerful tool and miners are no different. They have many different tools and pieces of equipment, of which their job would be nearly impossible without. What exactly do these people use to work that arduous job though? This list will explore some of the more vital pieces of equipment that every miner needs to finish the job.

1. Earth Movers

When digging a hole, it’s possible that much of the loose earth that you scoop up may fall right back into the area that you are digging up. This is especially true for a very large hole that’s being dug into the ground. As with any project, time equals money, and every moment you have to spend digging up loose soil costs you money. Luckily, earth movers are perfectly capable of satisfactorily digging up dirt, then pushing or transporting it away. This makes it an incredible time saver for all miners.

2. Rock Crushers

When mining, it is not uncommon to run into a very large obstruction that simply can not be dealt with using the usual means. With the help of crushing equipment, the common miner never has to fret over coming across a large, stubborn rock or stone in their path. Crushing equipment will easily crush the obstruction down into a manageable size so the workers can easily move the issue out of the way, clearing the path for the continuation of progress. The cost of crushing equipment is often well worth the time saved when dealing with stubborn obstructions.

3. Mining Drills

The drill is one of the miner’s best friends. Drills are a quick, easy way to penetrate solid earth while underground, allowing the miner to plant explosive charges, or to free materials that need to be removed or salvaged as part of the mining operation. Some drills can even ensure that the pathways the miners have to use in order to descend under ground are big enough for them to adequately fit. No matter what type of mining operation is happening underground, you could bet a fair sum on the fact that at least one good, reliable drill will be present.

4. Blasting Tools

The previous entry on this list and the current topic often go hand in hand. Once an adequate hole is drilled into the earth, the miner is able to plant an explosive charge that has been properly calculated to remove salvageable materials from the waste material. Blasting tools can also be used to help clear the way for miners by eliminating obstructions that even the best equipment may have a difficult time getting rid of. While a bit dangerous in the long run, blasting tools are a vital tool in the underground miner’s arsenal.

5. Proper Lighting

As you can imagine, mining while underground is pretty much impossible if the miners can’t see what it is that they’re doing. That makes proper lighting equipment one of the most important tools for underground mining by a fair stretch. Lanterns, lighting systems, and flashlights of all types are required to be used whenever heading underground, as the safety of the workers is paramount above all else. Giving the miners a safe environment to work in is an undeniably essential need when it comes to underground mining technology.


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