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Editorially Speaking: Beginnings of Change

In the short time since the election, Trudeau has admirably challenged the authoritarian political culture which became so entrenched in the last nine years

Canada’s Israel Lobby and the Elections

By: Paul Weinberg


The purported uniity among Canadian Jews is a fiction. Left-right divisions have always simmiered beneath the surface.

Jewish Humanists Remembered

By: Bennettt Muraskin
Paul Robeson Jr. argued that equality for Black people in the U.S. requires recognition of their right as an ethnic group to cultural autonomy

Theodore Bikel: Homage to a Mensch

By: Ester Reiter
Bikel was a singer, performer, stage and movie actor, translator and all-around mensch.

Stalinism with a Human Face

By: Norman Epstein
Farber’s picture contrasts sharply with the views of both right-wing opponents of and left-wing apologists for the Cuban government